2024 3rd International Conference on Acoustics, Fluid Mechanics and Engineering(AFME 2024)
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Hangzhou Zonhow Hotel((Detailed venue still to be finalized))

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Address: No. 76 Qiutao North Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou



Hangzhou, renowned for its historic relics and natural beauty, is a splendid destination for both leisure and academic pursuits. As you prepare to attend the Third International Conference on Acoustics, Fluid Dynamics, and Engineering in November 2024, ensure to carve out some time to explore the city's enchanting attractions.

Start your journey at the West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where the serene waters and lush gardens offer a perfect backdrop for relaxation and inspiration. Take a leisurely boat ride, or stroll around the lake to enjoy the picturesque views of ancient pagodas, bridges, and willow-lined causeways. The lake is especially magical during sunrise or sunset, providing a tranquil escape from the conference's rigor.

Not far from West Lake, the Lingyin Temple, one of China’s largest and most visited Buddhist temples, awaits your exploration. Here, you can admire intricate Buddhist art and architecture, and perhaps find a moment of peace amid the scent of incense and the sound of chanting monks.

For a deeper understanding of Hangzhou's culture, visit the China National Tea Museum and the China National Silk Museum. These places provide insight into two pivotal industries in Hangzhou’s history—tea and silk—and offer hands-on activities like tea picking and silk weaving.

Hangzhou is also famous for its traditional cuisine. Don’t miss the chance to try local dishes such as West Lake Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Dongpo Pork, and Longjing Shrimp. These delicacies are sure to delight your palate and offer a savory taste of Zhejiang province’s culinary heritage.

Navigating Hangzhou is convenient via subway, taxi, or bike-sharing services, making it easy to fit sightseeing into your tight conference schedule. As the afternoons wind down, the streets near the West Lake come alive with vibrant night markets selling crafts, souvenirs, and street food, perfect for enjoying a leisurely evening after a day of academic engagements.

Enjoy your visit to Hangzhou, where academic inspiration meets cultural immersion in one of China’s most picturesque cities.